Ellingham & Ringwood Podcast 2 of 7

2. Episode 6 - A Coaching Special

Andy Stevens takes control of the microphone again for this coaching special.

For this episode, Andy's guests include;

  • Alan Steel, Seniors Head Coach
  • Henry Benson, Women's Head Coach
  • Andy Cutler, former Age Grade Coach and now U13 Girls Coach

Just click this link to listen!

A great conversation revolving around coaching journeys, what it's like to coach at a grassroots club like ERRFC, session design, developing a club vision, alignment - too much to list here!

Should any of our listeners be interested in doing some coaching at the club, just email Andy as Club coaching Coordinator on getinvolved@errfc.com
The excellent London Irish Session Design Toolbox gets a mention. If you've not seen this before, you can access it via LI's Google Drive by clicking here.

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